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Custom GST Audit: Are you Ready for GST Audit from Customs Department?

This Custom GST Training Program is Claimable because the Training Provider is HRDF Registered

Do you know someone who got audited? Have you heard some companies were asked to pay GST Penalty? How to Avoid Common Mistakes that Can Be Very Expensive

Understanding Malaysia’s GST – Critical Issues, Challenges & Practical Solutions in Today’s Business. Getting Ready for GST Audit from Custom. Custom GST Audit Workshop

OBJECTIVEGST Seminar Training Malaysia on Customs GST Audit in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

To enlighten individuals and business owners on the critical issues, challenges and impact of GST on their businesses. To understand the GST system integration and process. To update on Customs Department’s latest ruling, circular, amendment and development. The GST Audit workshop aims to highlight and enlighten on how to carry out proper GST audits and maintaining audit evidences. To understand the GST audit expectations for registered companies and also learning GST tax planning.

(We strive to be a leader in the training industry by providing enhanced training and development programs, effective solutions in developing talent in Human Resource.)


  • Understanding the critical issues, challenges and impact of GST 
  • Understanding the technicalities and mechanism of GST for various businesses 
  • Identifying latest updates, ruling, circular, amendment and development from Customs 
  • Identifying and learning how to carry out proper GST audits and maintaining audit evidences 
  • Understanding GST audit expectations, tax planning and deductions. 

1. Latest GST Update / Changes

  • Sit for Questionnaire / Checklist / Test / Quiz. 
  • The result of the test may be reported back to Management to assess the adequacy of the staff’s knowledge (optional) 
  • Assessing the adequacy of your practical GST knowledge 
  • Get Latest GST Update 

2. Introduction of GST Audit

  • What is GST Audit? 
  • What to do to prepare for GST Audit? 
  • Who are the possible audit target companies or industries? 
  • What may trigger an audit? 
  • Customs expectations for GST audit 
  • Myths vs Truth of GST Audit 

GST Seminar Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

3. Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • What are they and how to avoid them
  • Examples of case studies of fraud, irregularities, ignorance
  • Real past court cases

4. Errors in GST 03 Return AFTER Form submitted

  • Under-paying output tax vs Over-Claiming input tax
  • GST03 Form : What is required vs Not required
  • What are the common mistakes? How to avoid them
  • You discover errors in GST03 Form already submitted to Customs. What to do?
  • How to amend GST after submitting GST03 Return Form
  • What happens to errors if not amended
  • What are the penalties
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5. Appeals and Tribunals for Disagreements

  • Can you disagree with Customs assessment, penalties, ruling?
  • What can you do if you disagree with the Customs decision, penalty amounts, GST payments, technical ruling
  • How to disagree?
  • Appeals: Steps and Procedures, Timings

GST Seminar Malaysia by GST Audit Trainer to train on GST Code based on Customs (Kastam) guidelines issued by

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6. GST Tax Codes

  • 23++ GST tax codes classifications
  • Mapping of GST tax codes to accounting entries
  • Accounting treatment for each tax code

7. GST Audit File (GAF File)

  • Understanding the GAF file
  • GAF file in submission of the GST03 Return
  • Analyzing GST accounting report or summary
  • GST reconciliation account, adjustments made
  • Keeping a Tax file

8. Clearing GST Grey Areas

  • What can you do to clarify the grey area with Customs on technical or complex situations
  • What can you do if they do not reply your emails or you call helpline just to talk to someone who cannot help you
  • Different Forms Available: How to use them
  • Practical Solutions to Q

9. GST Audit Expectations on GST-Registered Businesses

  • Small medium size enterprises vs Large businesses

10. Tax Planning

  • Detecting aggressive tax planning arrangements by businesses that try to design creative accounting methods to evade paying tax.
  • What tax planning available?
  • What potential specific risky areas to pay attention to
  • How to do a quick test to rate the integrity of business systems
  • Transfer of ownership
  • GST relief
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11. Correcting Common Misconceptions

  • Standard vs Exempt vs Out-Of-Scope vs Zero vs Relief vs Flat rate Supply vs Partial Exempt vs Full Exempt
  • De Minimis Rule, Calculations
  • Errors to avoid when computing of input & output tax: in contra
  • Recharging, recovery vs Payment on Behalf
  • Is recharging, recovery subject to GST
  • Claiming input tax correctly. Charging output tax correctly
  • Are you sure it is zero and not standard rated
  • What determines if it is zero, an overseas address on a Tax invoice?
  • Current updated ruling on GST acts, legislation updates and circular
  • Are wages out-of scope or chargeable?
  • Is it subsistence or entertainment?
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Import, export matters
  • Displaying prices
  • Single Taxable Person
12. GST Forms 
13. Other Matters 
  • Q & A
  • And moreā€¦.

GST Audit Training Workshop to clarify what is GST goods and services tax (GST) by


Power Points Presentation, Discussions and Q & A sessions.


There is an invitation to Customs officers to participate in the Q&A, subject to availability of their timetable


This training is suitable for business owners, CFO, FC, accounting & finance managers, auditors, tax accountants, IT, legal, accounting executives, office admin manager, HR, GMs, accounts assistants, department heads, etc.


Some basic knowledge of GST


RM2,100 per person for 2 days, include breakfast, lunch and teabreaks. Customs GST Audit WorkshopWhatsapp 018-2107088

LOCATION: KL, Selangor. Below: Johor, Penang, Sarawak, Sabah, Ipoh, Kuantan, Melaka

Bukit Jalil Golf Resort, Kuala Lumpur. Address of GST Audit Seminar: Bukit Jalil Golf Country Resort, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 3, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. To download map and direction, click here

Custom GST Audit Malaysia Map Location

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