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GST AUDIT on GST Goods and Services Tax (GST) Implementation in Malaysia


GST starts on 1 April 2015 in Malaysia

ARE YOU READY FOR GST AUDIT FROM KASTAM? GST starts on 1 April 2015 in Malaysia. The government will also start its audit with newly trained GST auditors around Malaysia. In view of this, GST Malaysia online website has new GST training dates to help companies in implementing GST.

GST Implementation Guide

The first step towards preparing for GST is for companies to do GST registration online at www. The second step is to attend GST seminar on understanding what is GST tax in Malaysia. GST in Malaysia is similar to GST in Singapore, UK and Australia. GST in Malaysia is administered by Customs GST department.

GST Accounting Software with GST Tax Code and Compliant

After doing a GST register, GST training on goods and services tax, step three is to get a GST software for accounting. Knowing what is GST in Malaysia by attending GST training and making GST online registration is not complete until Malaysian companies upgrade or buy GST accounting software from compliant GST software Malaysia such as myob accounting software.

Implementing GST and GST Training

Companies also have to keep monitoring new update from www.gst Customs GST by downloading GST pdf. To ensure proper GST implementation, the GST registration number must appear on tax invoice and simplified tax invoice. If unsure of GST implementation in Malaysia, it is best to start with attending a GST course first before hiring a GST consultant because that can be expensive. GST Malaysia implementation is a process. There will be more update from GST Malaysia online website in 2015. GST form and GST guide Malaysia are issued by Customs GST department.

GST Registration and GST Training

Companies can also volunteer to register GST by filling up GST registration form. GST Malaysia online website has a GST calculator to calculate GST amount by keying in the GST rate and calculate GST penalty. GST meaning of the GST tax Malaysia process is not easy to understand from the GST guide. The best is for companies to attend a GST training which is claimable under HRDF.

GST Audit and GST Accounting

Step four, after the GST implementation steps above is to hire a GST auditor. The GST auditor will do a GST audit on the GST accounting process to highlight any improvement required to the accounting for GST tax. Another advice on Malaysia goods and services tax implementation of GST in Malaysia is to buy a compliant POS point of sales cashier system. Go to GST Malaysia training website provide GST information on how to register GST, what is GST in Malaysia, zero rated GST, government service tax Malaysia, GSTaccounting software Malaysia, GST exemption list, GST tax invoice sample, GST application and more.

Steps towards GST Implementation correctly:

(1) Understand how to implement GST. It is highly recommended to attend GST Training that includes:

(2) Upgrade GST accounting process and reports.

(3) Purchase a GST accounting software that has tax codes and GST audit file (GAF)

(4) Hire a GST auditor to check that the GST accounting process, GST tax invoices and GST reports meet the audit standard from GST auditors from GST department of Customs Malaysia.

GST Link: GST Training    GST Accounting Software    POS System    GST Audit

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