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GST Seminar Malaysia: GST Course on GST Accounting and GST Code in Malaysia

GST Training Seminar Malaysia

GST SEMINAR 2:  GST Accounting & GST Tax Code

1. GST Accounting Early Bird Bonus
• 10 Wrong Mistakes You Are Making that Kastam Did Not Tell You
• 7 New Important Updates Your Accountant Does Not Know YetGST Accounting Malaysia Course


  • GST Tax Codes Updated by Customs on February 2018 for Accounting in GST Code and GST 03 Form through Customs GST TAP.
  • Important Changes in submitting and file GST03 Return at GST TAP effective since January 2018
  • Reduce GST03 filing at GST Tap to Custom and lower GST accounting work and costs

2. GST Accounting Entries and GST Code Treatment: Applying the Correct Debit, Credit Accounting Entries, Journal Entries and T-Account to
• Sales
• Purchases
• Fixed Assets
• Depreciation
• Stocks
• Goods Return
• GST Account
• Bad Debt Relief, Bad Debt Recovered
• GST Netting, GST Reconciliation
• Debit Note, Credit Note
• Discount, Refund

3. Setting up New Accounts in the Accounting System and chart of accounts
4. Setting up New Report in the upgraded Accounting System
Malaysia GST Accounting Course5. Preparing Accounts and the Financial Statements: Proper Treatment and Disclosure of GST in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in the Preparation of the
• Income Statement
• Balance Sheet and notes

6. GST Treatment of Employee Expenses
• Employees’ Expense Claims
• Gift
• Employee Benefits

7. Transitional Issues from Sales and Service Tax to GST

8. GST Treatment of Common Transactions
• Bad Debt ReliefMalaysia GST Accounting Course Certificate
• De Minimis rule
• Annual Adjustment as Mixed Supplier
• Capital Goods Adjustment
• Absorbing GST
• Advanced payment or deposit
• Sale of capital goods by piecemeal vs business as a whole
• Continuous billing
• Deemed supply
• Sale of fixed asset vs director car
• Discount and Promotion
• Service Charge
• Vouchers
• Hire Purchase
• Intra-company billing
• Inter-company billing
• Re-billing, Re-charging:
• Reimbursement vs Disbursement (Payment on Behalf)
• Trade in
• Exchange of goods, service: two (2) transactions vs Contra
• Sponsorship, charity in cash vs goods
• GST Tax Planning for gift
• Temporary import
• Avoiding some common mistakes
• Farming out activities to sub-contractor
• Consignment
• Returned goods, Issuance of Debit or Credit Note, Adjustmentsgst training seminar malaysia
• Warranty
• Gift, Entertainment
• Staff discount, Rebate, Late Interest payment
GST Act Malaysia
• More....

9. GST Tax Code and GAF File (GST Audit File)
• What is gst accounting software be GST compliant with Malaysian GST Act and customs gst guide.
• How to apply gst code correctly.
• What is GAF file that is used by Customs to audit?
• Using the wrong GST tax code may cause you to under-claim or under-charge GST

10. Guide to GST Implementation – Step by Step Guide

11. Guide on GST Tax Return Form GST03
• How to fill up the GST tax form. File every month or every quarter, correctly.
• How to amend the mistakes in the GST03 Form after submitting to Custom. [Special]
• Exempt supply, MSIC code from Borang C, zero rated, relief supply, more...

12. GST Accounting entries GST Seminar Malaysia GST Code GST Seminar MalaysiaGAF GST Seminar Malaysia GST03 Form [New][Special]
• Bad Debt Relief, Bad Debt Recover
• Invoices owing to supplier more than 6 months old & Re-claim back GST
• Gift Accounting
• Deemed Sale
• Imported services - Reverse charge mechanism / Recipient self-accounting
• Blocked Input Tax expenses
• Sale/Supply: standard, zero, exempt, out of scope, exempt, incidental, relief
• Purchases/Import from:

- GST registered supplier
- Non-GST registered supplier
- Import with no ATS
- Import with ATS
- Purchase from zero rated supply
- Purchase of exempt supply
- Incidental exempt supply eg realised forex gain, interest expense
- Out of scope
- Adjustment to input tax (AJP), output tax (AJS) vs Reversal output, input tax

++NEW GST Tax Codes
• Kastam add 4 NEW GST Tax Codes that CHANGE the way you report GST to Kastam.
• How GST Tax Codes link to Income Tax (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri/ LHDN) [NEW!]

• Specialised Industry Training - Manufacturing, Hotel, Freight Forwarding and Logistics Transportation, Property Development, Construction, LMW Warehouse, FIZ, Agent, E-Commerce, Tour and Travel, Second Hand Goods: Used Car, Property, Guide to Import and Export and more...

14. Advance Ruling, Offences and Penalties
15. Checklist: What important items to implement GST correctly
16. Question and Answer Session [Very Special] 

Who Should Attend the GST Seminar: All levels from Finance, Accounts, Audit, IT, GST, Tax, Admin, Accounting, Management, Tax Agent, Corporate, Bookkeeping, Credit Control, etc.

Q: How long is the GST Accounting Seminar?
A: Two days. Seminar 1 and Seminar 2 make up the two-days GST Accounting Course. There are many new important GST updates from Seminar 1 that link back to Seminar 2. One day only is not enough to understand GST Accounting. It is highly recommended to attend two full days to understand the GST accounting process.

Q: Can I send one staff to Seminar 1 and a different staff to Seminar 2?
A: Yes.

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