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GST Seminar FAST ACTION Bonus: Specialised Industry Training

: GST Training on different industries: Manufacturing, Import, Export, Distribution, General Retailing, Construction, Property Development, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Hotel, Tour and Travel, E-Commerce, Agent, Fund Management, Second Hand Goods: Used Car, Property, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Chinese and More... These high-quality courses are available to you free online. As and when there are new GST update, we will update inside the bonus section for free. You get to refresh and re-attend the latest GST Seminar online.

These bonuses are only available to the fast action takers or early birds.

GST Seminar Bonus FAQ:

Q: Can I send 1 staff to Seminar 1 and 1 staff to Seminar 2 and get still get the bonus? A: Yes

Q: What is the early bird BONUS?
A: The gst seminar covers all key topics and suitable for all industries. But, some participants are from different industries such as construction, import, export, freight forwarding or other. We cover these specialised industry training in the bonus training. The online training video courses will be sent to you. They are password protected. This is only available to early bird registration.

GST Seminar Training in Malaysia