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GST TRAINING SEMINAR 1: Implement GST Correctly - Full Day

1. GST Malaysia Updated to  [Special]GST Seminar: GST Accounting Course Malaysia

Since before and after 1 April 2015 until today, there has been 97 changes made to Customs guide pdf, are you up-to-date with the latest important changes yet? Do you know that the GST Penalty rate is no longer maximum at 25% (Before). The GST Penalty rate since 1/11/2017 is 40% (After) if you owe Customs or underpay Kastam GST more than 60 days?

2. Important GST Info related to Your Industry
The GST Trainer customise the training to your industry, where possible, at the Seminar. [Special]

3. Understanding GST Timeline: 

• Buy GST Seminar Malaysia Receive invoice, key into system, claim GST, invoices owing more than 6 months, re-claim GST

• Sell gst seminar malaysia Advance payment, delivery, goods return, credit note, discount, rebate, file GST form, bad debt relief, TAP, bad debt recover

4. Issuing Different Tax Invoices
Self-Billed, Relief Supply, Disbursement, Payment on Behalf, Reimbursement, Deposit (Advances), Debit Note, Credit Note, Different Transactional Business Relationships


5. What are the Common Mistakes you are still making that no one tells you [Special]

6. Implement GST Correctly
What can you claim but did not (Don't Miss Out Your GST Claim)

• What you must charge GST but did not (If you did not charge GST for it, you pay the GST tax yourself)
• When to claim, how to claim, when to pay GST, understanding the fundamental concept of GST, What is GST, Is it really 'Export' for GST Purpose? (Get this wrong, you pay for the GST tax yourself.)

7. What are the GST Tax Planning tools available?  

What is GST (Apa itu GST)gst seminar malaysia 

• Understanding GST. How to implement GST.

• How to claim GST refund from the government
• When can you claim back GST refund
• What is input tax? What is output tax?
• Do you need to register for GST?
How to apply for GST
• What are taxable supplies?
• Type of supply and GST rate
• Examples of the different types of supplies
• How does GST work
• How to calculate GST payable or refundable
• What is disallowed for GST claim? What is the criteria for claiming GST refund
• How to calculate GST

gst seminar malaysia kl kuala lumpur selangor malaysia

• How to invoice domestic and overseas customers
• Who should register for GST?
• How to calculate sales turnover to determine whether your business has reached the threshold for compulsory GST registration?
• Type of registration: Registration of individual or sole proprietor or partnership, group registration for a group of companies, registration of divisions or branches, voluntary registration, registration of a single taxable person, agent, overseas principal 

• What are the advantages or disadvantages if you are not registered? Should you volunteer to register for GSTgst seminar malaysia
• What registration best suits you?
• What is GST registration number?

• When to start charging GST?
• What are the fines and penalties for late registration or under-payment of GST?
• When is the effective date of registration?

• What are the responsibilities and obligations after the GST


GST administration and record keeping matters.
• What is a tax invoice? How to issue a tax invoice?
• What is a tax receipt?

• How to display prices to the public, do quotation
• What is the time of supply (tax point vs claim point)? This tax point determines when you can claim or pay GST?
• When to submit GST tax return? Every month or every quarter?
• When to pay GST tax?
gst malaysia countdown clock• What is a taxable period?
• What is the penalty for late submission of tax return and late payment of GST?
• Who is responsible to file GST return?
• Who can be exempted from GST registration?
Real life case stories [Special]
• What are the tax relief and special schemes: bad debt relief, cash payment basis, warehousing scheme, approved traders scheme, approved toll manufacturer scheme, special refund

Imported service: [Special]

- Reverse Charge Mechanism vs Witholding Tax

Import vs export. What is export.

How to check GST status, GST ID number of supplier and customer
• Cash flow management

• Employee benefits, gifts, commission received, commission paid

What expenses can you claim GST: Business vs Personal

Online business vs physical business

What is out-of-scope supply (no GST): Examples

Selling to the Government vs Companies

Pre-Registration Claim. De-registration.

GST Tribunal, Appeal, Amendment, Instalment, Audit

Checklist: What to do to prepare for GST Audit from Kastam 

• Q&A and more...


8. What Kastam will never tell you at free GST Talk [Very Special]

GST Tribumal Cases lost/won by Royal Malaysia Customs Dept (RMCD) - for more details refer to GST Seminar Free Bonus.


Who is this GST Seminar for?
This gst course is suitable for: all departments, management, sales, purchase, accounts, finance, shipping, logistic, IT, costing, legal, tax, admin, audit, bookkeeping, marketing, business owners and others. All business sectors.

Question: What are the [Special] items?
Answer:  These are special because the information is not available anywhere to anyone. It is only available at the GST Seminar.

Question: I am from different industry, does the GST Seminar cover my industry?Answer: Yes. GST Seminar is suitable to most industries.

Question: Can I send one staff to Seminar 1 and a different staff to Seminar 2?
Answer: Yes.

GST Seminar on GST Accounting & GST Code: GST Course in Malaysia
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