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GST Training Workshop on Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia Topic: Accounting for GST

gst workshop malaysia 

The GST Accounting Workshop course content includes (click to view):

Very Important Note:

It is important to note that there is no other GST Training company that offers this Special GST Accounting Course in Malaysia. We are the FIRST in Malaysia to offer this GST Accounting Course. At the time of writing, we are the ONLY GST Training Firm you can go to that teach you this specialised GST Accounting Course in Malaysia.

A Business Has Two Responsibilities:

(1) Pay and claim GST correctly from the tax authority.

Problem: Under-Payment of GST will get you fined and penalized by the tax authority. Over-payment will cause you cashflow problems.

(2) Prepare accounting records and accounts properly.

Problem: Without knowing how to do it right might result in errors in accounting paperwork and higher audit fees. Improper accounting records may cause the tax authority to refuse, lower or delay the GST refund to you. This can cause cash flow problems to your business.

This GST Accounting Course is highly recommended to any serious business owner and manager.

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Note: GST is not income tax. The treatment of GST is completely different from accounting for income tax or sales and service tax. GST never enters into the income statement and if you incorrectly include GST taxes as part of expenses in reporting the income statement there would be serious accounting or audit issues. 

gst workshop malaysia

GST Workshop Malaysia
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Frequently Asked Question

1) Question: I am interested to know about "What is GST?"

Answer: If you are interested to know "What is GST" and how GST affect the Manufacturing, Import, Export and Distribution business sector, please click here to go to the GST Seminar page for more information. These modules are now only available in the GST Seminar.

2) What is the difference between GST Accounting Workshop at our office or your training centre?

For GST Workshop: We only conduct GST Accounting Workshop at our training centre or in-house for companies. In house training: The GST accounting training there is a minimum requirement of 20 staff. You can invite suppliers or customers affected by GST to share the costs for in-house training. For training at our training centre: There is no minimum requirement but there will be other accounting, bookkeeping, IT people from other companies joining in.


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