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gst course malaysia

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GST Course 1: "What is GST”

MALAYSIA GST ACT: A person who fails to register for GST shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM50,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both.

Online GST Course 1: "What is GST” in Malaysia. A presentation by Topics covered in this basic GST Course include:

• What is GSTgst course malaysia
• How to claim GST refund from the government
• When can you claim back GST refund
• What is input tax? What is output tax?
• Do you need to register for GST?
• How to apply for GST
• What are taxable supplies?
• Type of supply and GST rate
• Examples of the different types of supplies
• How does GST work
• How to calculate GST payable or refundable
• What is disallowed for GST claim? What is the criteria for claiming GST refund
• How to calculate GST
• How to invoice domestic and overseas customers
• Who should register for GST?
• How to calculate sales turnover to determine whether your business has reached the threshold for compulsory GST registration?
• Type of registration: Registration of individual or sole proprietor or partnership, group registration for a group of companies, registration of divisions or branches, voluntary registration, registration of a single taxable person
• What are the advantages or disadvantages if you are not registered? Should you volunteer to register for GST
• What registration best suits you?
• What is GST registration number?

gst course malaysia

• When to start charging GST?
• What are the fines and penalties for late registration?
• When is the effective date of registration?
• What are the responsibilities and obligations after the GST registration? GST administration and record keeping matters.
• What is a tax invoice? How to issue a tax invoice?
• What is a tax receipt
• What is the time of supply (tax point)? This tax point determines when you can claim or pay GST
• When to submit GST tax return? Every month or every quarter?
• When to pay GST tax?
• What is a taxable period?
• What is the penalty for late submission of tax return and late payment of GST?
• Who is responsible to file GST return?
• Who can be exempted from GST registration?
• What are the common mistakes made? [Special]
Real life case stories [SPECIAL]
• What are the tax relief and special schemes: bad debt relief, cash payment basis, warehousing scheme, approved traders scheme, approved toll manufacturer scheme, special refund [Special]
Checklist: What to do to prepare for GST [Special]
• The What is GST course online is updated with live seminar and FAQ. [Special]
• … and more.

gst course malaysia

Who is this course for?

This course is for: Directors, Managers, Professionals and Business Owners.

GST Penalty Rates
Penalty rates for failure or LATE PAYMENT of GST TAX is 5% for 30 Days and the Penalty Rate INCREASES every 30 Days up to 25% for more than 181 days. Save yourself from Headaches and GST Audit from the Tax Authority.

gst course malaysia

Register for online GST course 1: "What is GST". You can attend this GST course online. If you would like to attend the e-course in Bahasa Malaysia, please click here to Kursus Cukai GST: “Apakah GST di Malaysia”.

Register for GST training. This online GST tax course is available with immediate access. What are the benefits of attending the GST course online:

• Available online at your desktop or mobile devices.
• Learn in the comforts of your office or home.
• No need to travel to seminars in some hotel somewhere.
• Anyone can attend from anywhere in Malaysia or overseas.
• Save on travelling time. No headache of parking or traffic jams

gst course malaysia

This intensive e-course lasts for about 4 hours. You save time on toilet break, lunch break, ‘wait for others to come back’ from lunch or refreshments break. If you are late for a seminar, you will miss important information. The speaker will not repeat the course materials just for you. With this e-Course, you won’t miss anything. You can replay it. You can also attend the online course at a time and date convenient to you.

What is the cost? The cost is not RM4,500 as charged by MIA (click image on the left to view). The price is not RM4,500, RM3,990, RM2,997, RM1220, RM990 or RM880. Only RM399. Yes, only RM399.

Yes! I am ready to take up the What is GST Course.

It's a small amount to pay compared to the painful mistakes and expensive fines for late registration of GST, late submission of tax return and incorrect payment of GST tax. Save yourself from headaches and GST audit from the tax authority.

Price: RM399 ONLY

Get the GST course TODAY because the price may go up soon. This is a very good GST course but management is thinking of taking down the course (cancel the course) to prevent pirates from copying its online content. So, grab the online course while it is still available. So Click the Buy Now button below and make your payment

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See you in our GST course video.gst course malaysia

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