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gst course malaysia

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GST Course Malaysia Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) When is the GST course available?

The online GST courses are delivered on these days of the week:

Online GST Course




(Every Day)

Available for access

Course Duration


GST Course 1

What is GST


Mon to Sun

24 hours

4 hours


GST Course 2

Accounting for GST


Mon to Sun

24 hours

3 hours


Kursus GST 3

Apakah GST Malaysia (BM)

Bahasa Malaysia

Mon to Sun

24 hours

3 hours



Please check back later.






Please plan your payment accordingly. Interbank fund transfer between local banks usually clear between two to three (2 to 3) days. Transfer within the same bank usually clear within the same day. For example, if you intend to take up the GST course on Wednesday, please plan your payment at least 3 days in advance, say Friday the week before, so that you will be able to attend the course on Wednesday. How to pay? Click Here.

(2) I would like to attend both courses: GST Course 1: What is GST and GST Course 2: Accounting for GST. Or, Kursus GST 3 (Bahasa version of 'What is GST') and GST Course 2: Accounting for GST. Is there a discount?

Yes. If you buy both courses. You will only pay RM799. You save RM99. That works out to be 11% of cost savings.

gst course malaysia

(3) I have some basic knowledge about GST, can I just proceed with "e-Course 2: Accounting for GST" without attending "e-Course 1: What is GST"?

You may proceed with "Online GST Course 2: Accounting for GST" if you already have some basic understanding of what is gst but we strongly encourage you to start with "Online GST Course 1: What is GST" before doing GST Course 2. This is because GST Course 2: Accounting for GST assumes you have a comprehensive knowledge of the all the basic foundation of GST which is essential to implementing GST correctly.

Very Important Note:

It is important to note that there is no other training provider that provides this specialised GST accounting course in Malaysia. We are the FIRST, and the ONLY gst training provider of this specialised GST accounting course in Malaysia. The GST Course 2: Accounting for GST teaches you the correct GST accounting treatment to help businesses to prepare accounts and financial statements correctly.

A Business Has Two Responsibilities:

(1) Pay and claim GST correctly from the tax authority. Problem: Under-Payment of GST will get you fined and penalized by the tax authority. Over-payment will cause you cashflow problems.

(2) Prepare accounting records and accounts properly. Problem: Without knowing how to do it right might result in errors in accounting paperwork and higher audit fees. Improper accounting records may cause the tax authority to refuse, lower or delay the GST refund to you. This can cause cash flow problems to your business.

This GST accounting course is highly recommended to any serious business owner and manager.

gst course malaysia

(4) What does the course materials consist of? What is the difference between the free training videos and GST course?

The GST course is an online video course. In the GST course, there is plenty of examples, FAQ, diagrams, pictorial illustrations and flowcharts. These are only for paid customers, and not made public for everyone. This ensures ONLY paid customers who attend the GST course enjoy the full benefits. Free Training vs GST Course:

Free Training  GST Course 
Information overload. Cut out unnecessary noise. Focus on the essentials.
Fragmented. Important information all over the place. Confusing. Everything you need to know in one place. Intensive.
Complex. Legal jargon. Difficult to understand. Easy to understand. Simplified with bullets, illustrations, diagrams and flowcharts.
247 hours or more to learn. Only 3 to 4 hours.
GST accounting is NOT available. GST accounting ONLY available here.

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(5) How to access the GST course and others? Find out here.

(6) I am interested in in-house GST Training instead of online course. Can you conduct GST Workshop at our office for a group of employees?

Yes. For GST workshops, please click here to visit our products page.

(7) Want to view a sample before registering for the online GST course?

Send an email to us, Contact GST Course page HERE.

The online GST course is suitable for people from outside of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. They may be from Penang, Johor, Singapore, outside Malaysia, Ipoh, Taiping, Perak, Kulim, Kedah, Kuantan, Pahang, Sabah, Sarawak who want to save costs on travelling to KL. (If you prefer live GST seminar (not online GST Course), click here.)

gst course malaysia

(8) GST Course Participants' Comment on the quality of the GST Course, view GST video below.

GST Feedback and Comments shared at GST Course in KL, click here. Live, uncensored and true review by a past GST Course participant, a real business manager evaluation who has been to a few GST seminars before this GST course. 

(9) Sit for a simple and quick gst test online as if you are now in GST Class, here, if you are still thinking if you should register for the GST course online.

Sit for GST test online to consider if you need an online GST course here.

(10) Why is it better to register for an online GST Course than buying a GST book or a GST Course in a CD?

A GST book or GST Course in a CD is fixed, a book or DVD cannot be updated for any updates once in print or produced. An online course is available for latest GST update. An online course is accessible anywhere even if your CD player is broken or CD lost, as long as you have the password you can access the online GST course.

(11) Don't like a recorded GST course? Prefer a live GST seminar to ask the GST Trainer any questions, then join the live GST Seminar here.

gst workshop malaysia 

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