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gst course malaysia

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Online GST Course Malaysia

Method of Payment

Payment Method for Online GST Course Malaysia

gst course malaysia gst course malaysia gst course malaysia

Please make payment to

Biz Job Training International
OCBC Bank Account No. (To be informed by email)

After making payment, please send an email attaching the bank-in slip or printed online confirmation to us at Your email should state:

0. Email Subject title: GST Course Payment
1. Selected Course:
2. Date and Time of Payment:
3. Amount Paid:
4. Which bank you transfer from (OCBC / other banks):
5. Payer Name:
6. Payer Bank Account Number:
7. Contact Number:

Download Payment Form (To be informed by email)

Payment Process

Step 1: You make the payment
Step 2: You send the bank payment details to us.
Step 3: We send you a receipt of acknowledgement
Step 4: We send you the username and password to access the course.

Terms and conditions apply.