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gst malaysia | gst course malaysia

GST Malaysia - GST Courses
Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia

The objectives of the GST Courses: The GST courses are designed to help companies or businesses

  • To complete the monthly or quarterly GST tax return accurately and submit the GST tax return on time, to avoid fines and penalties for incorrect and late submission of GST tax return.

There is not much time given that you only have one month to prepare the GST return and you have to do it every month or quarter, and do so on time.

  • To keep proper records and be ready for tax audit from the government to avoid fine and penalty related to not keeping proper records.
  • To prepare proper accounts and financial statements in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles covered in e-Course 2: Accounting for GST. (At the time of writing, this GST Accounting Training is not available on any other website, or anywhere in Malaysia. This Accounting for GST Training is only available here.)

It is highly recommended to complete both GST Courses to ensure your understanding of GST registration and compliance with goods and services tax requirements in Malaysia. Please CLICK to visit the online gst course outline.

gst malaysia | gst course | gst customs | gst kastamgst malaysia | gst course | gst customs | gst kastam

 gst malaysia | gst course | gst customs | gst kastam gst malaysia | gst course | gst customs | gst kastam

The GST courses are based on the guidelines prescribed by the tax authority of Malaysia

GST Course 1: What is GST (Bahasa Malaysia version)
GST Course 2: Accounting for GST