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Tourist Refund Scheme GST Tax Malaysia


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Tourist Refund Scheme, GST Tax Refund Malaysia

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund for Tourists in Malaysia www.gstmalaysia.org

: Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from overseas tourists to Malaysia on Tourist Tax Refund of GST paid for goods purchased while they are in Malaysia.

***Effective 1 Sep 2018, GST is abolished in Malaysia, replaced by SST tax, sales and service tax. The SST tax is not stated on receipts at the retail level and therefore is not available for claim as GST refund or SST refund by tourists.***

(1) From 1 April 2015, tourists can only claim back refund of GST tax (goods and services tax) on goods purchased from approved outlets in Malaysia.  These outlets will bear the TRS logo, Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) Logo.
- If you buy in shops that do not participate in the tourist refund scheme (TRS), you will not get any tax refund.   
(2) Tourists are advised to bring along their passport when they go shopping as the approved outlets will need proof and to issue tax invoice. Tourists are advised to request for tax invoices from approved outlets.
(3) Tourists must request for the tourist refund form from the approved outlet. The outlet will key in the tourist's passport details into the TRS system. The approved charges a fee to process the tourist refund. 
The Tourist can only receive a refund form from the Approved Outlet where the eligible goods have been bought. A refund form cannot be issued by the customs officer at the airport(a list of airport under the Tourist Refund Scheme TRS).
(4) Tourists can only claim tax refund for purchases of RM300 or more from the same approved outlet. These purchases can be for a series of days from the same outlet.
(5) Tourists are to present the (i) goods (ii) tax refund form (iii) tax invoice to the Malaysian Customs Officer at the GST Refund Verification Counter at the airport prior to departure.
(6) The GST Refund Verification Counter is found before and after the passport control at the airport departure hall.
(a) Before passport control 
Present the bulky goods to the Customs Officer at the GST Refund Verification Counter before checking in the baggage.
(b) After passport control
For items not checked in, present the goods to the Customs Officer at the GST Refund Verification Counter. It is advisable to carry high-value, small items for verification. 
(7) Tourist is to find the Tourist Refund Agent located near the GST Refund Verification Counter after customs verification. The tourist refund agent will refund the tax to the tourist with cash, credit card account or bank cheque.
  • Customs Officer at the GST Refund Verification Counter inspects the goods.
  • Tourist Refund Agent makes payment of GST refund of tax to tourists. 
(8) Tourist tax refund is only claimable for exit from Malaysian airports.
- If you exit by ship or land, no tax refund for tourist e.g. if you drive through the Johor causeway by land exiting Johor into Singapore.
(9) Purchases must not be made more than 3 months before departure.
(10) See below for more information on frequently asked questions (FAQ) on tourist tax refund scheme in Malaysia.

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List of Airport in Malaysia participate in the Tourist Refund Scheme for Tourist GST Tax Refund

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