A New Species Of Spider Found In Malaysia Was Recently Named After Which Musician? (Correct answer)

One of the most unexpected tributes to David Bowie has been paid to him throughout the course of his career. The rock star’s name has been given to a newly found Malaysian spider species.

What is the newest discovered spider?

Scientists in Florida have identified a new species of poisonous spider that appears to be linked to the tarantula, according to the researchers. In a press statement, Zoo Miami stated that its employees assisted in the identification of the new species, which has been named the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (Ummidia richmond).

What is the name of the spider that has been named after David Bowie which country is it most commonly found in?

Heteropoda davidbowie is a huntsman spider that belongs to the genus Heteropoda. It is a species of huntsman spider. In memory of the artist David Bowie, it was named after the Cameron Highlands District in Peninsular Malaysia, where it was first described.

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Who has a spider named after them?

The two new spider species discovered in Iran in 2015 were named after two of the film’s leading stars, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who played Spider-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man, respectively. The spiders, which have been given the names Filistata maguirei and Pritha garfieldi, prefer to make their homes in cracks and crevices and, while poisonous, do not constitute a threat to people.

Is there a new spider species?

According to zoo authorities, a unique new spider species was discovered in the Pine Rockland woodland near Zoo Miami, which was discovered on Wednesday. The Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (Ummidia richmond) was discovered for the first time in 2012 by a zookeeper who was inspecting research traps for reptiles at the time.

Where was the new species of spider found?

According to a researcher blog released by Pensoft, Sippawat discovered the tarantulas while trekking through a woodland near Mae Tho, Mueang Tak district, Tak province, northern Thailand. Taksinus is the scientific name given to the new tarantula species in honor of Thai monarch Taksin the Great.

What are the newest species discovered?

There were new species described from nearly every continent this year, including a fuzzy orange bat from West Africa, tiny screech owls from Brazil, an acrobatic North American skunk, a snake from the Himalayas (which was discovered on Instagram), an unknown whale species in the Gulf of Mexico, and an Ecuadorian ant with no known name (which was discovered on Instagram).

What is the spider named after David Bowie?

The rock star’s name has been given to a newly found Malaysian spider species. It has been dubbed Heteropoda davidbowie, and it is the most recent find of German spider specialist Peter Jäger, who has discovered more than 200 new species in the last ten years.

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Where does the David Bowie spider live?

It is possible that the Heteropoda davidbowie species can be found in the southern portions of Thailand as well as other parts of Southeast Asia, including west Malaysia, Sumatra, and Singapore. The adult spider prefers tree bark, while youngsters prefer leaf litter, bushes, and trees as their primary habitat.

Was a spider named after Andrew Garfield?

Pritha garfieldi is a species of araneomorph spider belonging to the family Filistatidae, which means “garfield spider.”

Was there a spider named after Andrew Garfield?

In recognition of Garfield’s performance in the part, arachnologists Yuri M. Marusik and Alireza Zamani created the new species of crevice weaver spider, Pritha garfieldi, which was named after him by the authors.

What is the newest tarantula?

The spider has been identified as belonging to a new genus and species, according to the researchers. Taksinus bambus was given its name in honor of Taksin the Great, a Thai ruler who reigned during the 18th century.

Are Flying spiders real?

Are there really flying spiders? The straightforward answer is yes. The so-called flying spider, also known as the gray cross spider or the bridge spider, is officially categorized as Larinioides sclopetarius, which means “flying spider” in Greek and Latin. It is a huge orb-weaver spider, which means that it constructs a web that is circular in shape.

What is the new species of tarantula?

What are the chances of seeing a flying spider? Obviously, the response is affirmative. When it comes to science, the so-called flying spider (also known as a gray cross spider or a bridge spider) is classed as Larinioides sclopetarius, which means “flying spider.” Specifically, it is a giant orb-weaver spider, which means it builds a circle-shaped web around itself.

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