How Much Is Iphone Xs Max In Malaysia? (Correct answer)

The Apple IPhone XS Max is available for purchase in Malaysia for Rs. 169,999, whereas the same price in the United States is $ 530.
What will the price of an Apple iPhone XS Max be in Malaysia in 2021?

  • In Malaysia, the Apple iPhone Xs Max is currently available for purchase. The lowest price of the Apple iPhone Xs Max in Malaysia is RM 2,142.00, available through Shopee. The Apple iPhone Xs Max comes in a variety of configurations, with the 512GB Silver model costing as little as RM 5,400.00 and the 512GB Space Grey model costing as much as RM 5,400.00. The pricing of the Apple iPhone Xs Max was last updated on February 20, 2021.

How Much Is iPhone XS in Malaysia?

The most recent Apple iPhone XS pricing in Malaysia is RM4099, which is a significant discount over the previous model.

How much is the iPhone XS Max in 2020?

It will be available in space gray, silver, and a new gold finish starting at $999 (US), and it will also be accessible through Apple Authorized Resellers and select carriers (prices to be announced).

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Is iPhone cheap in Malaysia?

The starting price of the Apple iPhone 11 in Malaysia is Rs 57,650, which is over Rs 7,250 less than the pricing in India. In Malaysia, the Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) is available for purchase for 3,399 Malaysian Ringgit (RMB) after taxes, which is about Rs 57,650 in India.

How Much Is iPhone Christmas Malaysia?

The best presently available price for the Apple iPhone XS Max in Malaysia is 169/- MYR, and it is currently available across several online retailers in Malaysia as well as in Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur, and it comes with the full guarantee as stipulated by the store policies.

Is iPhone XS Max worth buying?

There are various online retailers in Malaysia as well as in Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur where you can purchase the Apple iPhone XS Max at the best possible price of 169/- MYR. The device comes with the full guarantee as stipulated by each store.

Which is better iPhone XS Max or 11?

In terms of screen size, the iPhone XS Max has a superior display, with its stunning 6.5-inch OLED display outshining the iPhone 11, which has a more modest but still great 6.1-inch LCD display. Despite the fact that the batteries are of comparable capacity and should last a full day, iPhone 11 boasts the faster new A13 Bionic chipset, which outperforms the last year’s A12 Bionic chip.

Is iPhone XS Max waterproof?

Another intriguing feature mentioned for the upcoming iPhones is that they would be waterproof to an IP68 level of protection. A grade of IP68 indicates that the iPhone Xs Max has been tested in a laboratory environment and has shown to be resistant to splashes, water, and dust. The normal amount of water required is 2 meters of water for 30 minutes.

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Can US iPhone work in Malaysia?

It is unlikely that you will have any issues using your iPhone with a Malaysian carrier because it has been unlocked for use in the country. Those of you who are concerned about your warranty should know that the Apple Limited Warranty assures that your iPhone may be repaired in authorized Apple Stores throughout the world.

In which country iPhone XS Max is cheapest?

Overall, the cheapest nations to purchase an iPhone XS Max 64GB are Australia ($8,157.54), Japan ($7,362.45), the United Kingdom ($8,309.66), Finland ($8,068.62), and South Korea ($7,717.25), with the United States ($8,309.66).

Is iPhone XS Max still available?

Following the debut and delivery of Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were no longer available for purchase in 2019. Even though the iPhone 13 is now officially available, you can still purchase the iPhone 12, for example.

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