How Much Is Levi’S Jeans In Malaysia? (Question)

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Products Price
Levi’s – Levi’s 312 Shaping Slim Soft Black Female 19627-0000 RM 239.00
Levi’s – Levi’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans RM 239.00
Levi’s – Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans Women 18881-0049 RM 199.00
Levi’s – Levi’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans Men 05510-1004 RM 299.00


  • Price differences are obvious depending on whether you purchase a pair of Levi’s jeans from a posh Bangkok shopping center or from a local market. Depending on the type you are searching for, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1,600 baht per pair (or $51.65) to more than 3,000 baht ($100) per pair in a typical Bangkok shopping center or department store.

How much does a pair of Levi’s 501 cost?

It costs a whooping $178 to get your hands on the standard-issue edition of these 501 jeans. However, as of this writing in early September, you can get a lot more affordable version if you’re confident enough to wear purple jeans: a pair of “eggplant” colored jeans retail for $58. A pair of “crushed wine” 501s is now on the market for $138.)

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How much is the most expensive Levis jeans?

155-year-old Levis 501 jeans were purchased for $60,000 by an unknown bidder on eBay in 2005, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The pants are listed as the most valuable in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. While antique jeans are in high demand and command exorbitant prices, modern pairs adorned with rivets and rhinestones are just as sought after and cost a fraction of the price.

Which brand has best jeans?

The World’s Top Jeans Brands: Who Are They?

  • Wrangler. According to their website, Wrangler is “the daily performance denim brand,” and we couldn’t agree more with that statement.
  • Carhartt. Calvin Klein is a fashion designer.
  • Everlane.
  • Madewell.
  • Rag Bone is a slang term for a rag bone.
  • AG Adriano Goldschmied was appointed. “Citizens of Humanity,” they say.

Why is Levis jeans expensive?

A significant amount of money has been invested by Levi Strauss on environmentally friendly cotton manufacturing that uses less water, better screening of dyestuffs and other chemicals, and enhancing the well-being of factory workers who manufacture their items. Investing over a long period of time is expensive.

Is Levis and Levi’s same?

Levi Strauss & Co., the world’s biggest manufacturer of pants, is best known for its blue denim jeans, which are known as Levi’s (registered trademark). Custom-tailored pants, coats, caps, tee shirts, skirts, and belts are among the company’s other products, and it also licenses the production of novelty items. The company’s headquarters are in the city of San Francisco.

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How much does a jeans cost?

However, the average price paid for a pair of jeans in the United States is far less than $50. According to a ShopSmart poll done in 2010, women paid an average of $34 per pair of jeans, with only one in ten spending more than $100 on a pair of jeans. In Luanda, Angola, on the other hand, a pair of jeans may cost up to $177 USD.

What is the average price of jeans?

In 2018, the price of men’s and women’s jeans in the United States was $19. As of 2018, the average price of men’s and women’s denim jeans in the United States was shown in this data. A pair of women’s jeans cost, on average, 165.44 dollars in the third quarter of 2018 (the third quarter of 2018).

Why are jeans so expensive?

The most expensive jeans are composed of high-quality cotton, whilst budget ones are more likely to employ a synthetic blend. Of course, if more time and care is put into the stitching and distressing process, the price will almost always be more.

Which jeans brand is most expensive?

List of the world’s ten most expensive denim brands, according to their retail prices.

  • Guess jeans are $400, Earnest Sewn Custom Fit jeans are $1,000, Dolce Gabbana jeans are $1200, Roberto Cavalli jeans are $1200, Gucci jeans are $3,100, Escada jeans are $10,000, and Levi Strauss Co. jeans are $10,000.

What are the original Levi jeans?

When workers from all over the world came to the American West in search of fortune in 1873, they needed pants that could withstand the elements. So Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis combined high-quality denim with rivet reinforcements to create the world’s first pair of blue jeans, the Levi’s® 501® Originals.

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Why are old Levi’s so expensive?

What is it about Levi’s that makes them so expensive? Levi’s jeans are made of 100 percent cotton denim, which gives them their flexibility and appearance. However, they are constructed of cordura fibers. In addition, the jeans are more expensive because of the brand name.

Are Levi’s jeans good?

Levi’s is only one of several brands of jeans available in the moderate price segment. The quality is acceptable, but it is not much better than the quality of all other jeans. For denim, zippers, and any other hardware, like as rivets, that may be utilized on jeans of a comparable price range, there is not a great deal of variation in quality.

Which country makes the best jeans?

Japan is home to some of the world’s best denim. Japan produces the most attractive denim, and for good reason: they are more concerned with the environment.

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