How Much Is Postage To Malaysia?

Malaysian Postal Regulations for International Mailing

Weight not over (lbs.) Price
0.5 $45.95
1 68.75
2 78.50
3 88.25


  • As a result, you can be confident that mailing with DPDLocal-Online is always the most cheap alternative, with postage to Malaysia starting as low as £14.74. Our bulk shipping discounts will help you save even more money if you’re delivering a bigger number of items. What is the best way to address my package for delivery to Malaysia?

How much is the postage from UK to Malaysia?

As a result, you can be confident that delivering with DPDLocal-Online is always the most cheap alternative, with postage to Malaysia beginning as low as £14.74. Moreover, if you’re sending a bigger number of items, you’ll save even more money because of our bulk shipping savings. What is the best way to address my package for delivery to Malaysia?;

How much is postage from Australia to Malaysia?

Starting at $36.96, express shipping from Australia to Malaysia is the most affordable option.

How do I send a package to Malaysia?

On your dashboard, select “Single Parcel” from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Select the nation for delivery, enter your postcode and the weight of your package, and then click “Quote Book.” Step 3: Select Qxpress from the drop-down menu and press the “Book” button. Step 4: Enter the information for the sender.

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Can I send parcel to Malaysia from UK?

If you require postage from the United Kingdom to Malaysia, DPD has you covered with options ranging from 1 day express delivery to 3+ days economy service. If you want urgent postal rates to Malaysia, DPD Air Express can ensure that your cargo is delivered within 1-3 days of being dispatched.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

How to Use the United States Postal Service’s Shipping Calculator

  1. Go to the United States Postal Service’s Postage Price Calculator page. To begin, enter the information of your letter or package. To continue, select the shipment type. To compare shipping options, click Compare Shipping Options. To see your results, click on “Continue.” Pay for shipping and have your shipment’s postage printed.

How long does a package take to get to Malaysia?

When using rapid delivery methods, it takes between 3 and 10 business days to send an item to Malaysia. When using slower delivery methods, it takes around 10 to 20 business days, and when using the slowest and most expensive delivery methods, it takes about 20-30 business days.

What is the postage stamp rate?

It is expected that the United States Postal Service will hike stamp rates on Sunday, raising the cost of normal mail by 5.5 percentage points. Stamps for First-Class Mail Forever, as well as the cost of shipping a single-piece, one-ounce letter, will increase from $0.55 to $0.58, respectively.

How much stamp should I put on a letter?

A standard-sized letter (see below for further information on what counts as a “standard-sized letter”) in a rectangular envelope that weighs less than 1 oz. will require 58 cents in postage, or one “forever” stamp to be properly addressed and delivered.

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How much is a postage stamp in Australia 2021?

Australia Post will now raise the price of shipping a letter from $1 to $1.10 for standard letters, an increase from the previous $1.10.

Is Malaysia accepting international mail?

Mailing a letter through Australia Post will now cost $1.10 instead of $1.10 for standard letters, according to a new policy.

How much does it cost to post a letter in Australia in 2021?

Despite the fact that concession cardholders may still get stamps at 60 cents each stamp, the cost of mailing a letter via ordinary mail has increased from 70 cents to $1.

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