How To Be Grabcar Driver Malaysia? (Best solution)

  1. Requirements. From the ages of 21 to 69 years old. The vehicle is less than ten years old. PSV Licence for e-hailing (begins on the 12th of October, 2019)
  2. Documents. NRIC in blue. Licence de conduite comp├ętente en Malaisie. Personal bank account is established under the NRIC. Steps to Take Next. Sign up by clicking on this link. Fill out the form and attach all of the relevant documentation.
  • All GrabCar drivers will be required to meet the following requirements: Malaysian citizen in possession of a valid identification card (the Armed Forces Police Identification Card is acceptable) ( Permanent Residents are not allowed) Possess a valid driver’s license (there are no age restrictions), but not a P License. Possess a four-door vehicle that is no more than six years old ( Manufactured 2010 and newer) Pass the test

How much do Grab drivers earn in Malaysia 2020?

Salaries for Grab Drivers vary depending on where they work and which company they work for. The compensation ranges from MYR 43,778 per year for the lowest level of seniority to MYR 45,331 per year for the most senior level of seniority.

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What is the requirement to be a grab driver?

have reached the age of thirty have a valid TDVL or PDVL on your person possess a minimum of one year of driving experience

How much does it cost to register for grab driver?

Grab Driver registration is completely free (no administrative or agency fees will be charged). New drivers will not be asked to make any payments to the administration. All new drivers will receive a complimentary RM20 credit to their Grab Wallet once their account has been activated.

Can I drive Grab without my own car?

Don’t be concerned if you don’t have access to a vehicle. As long as your name is listed in the ConNote section of the auto insurance policy, you are covered. That will suffice.

Can Grab driver make money?

What can I expect to make on the job? According to the revenue calculator on Grab’s website, you may make around $617 per week as a part-time Grab driver. Working as a full-time driver for 8 hours a day, five days a week from Monday to Friday, you can earn approximately $945 per week.

How much does Grab charge per km?

Grab has announced a drop in the price of GrabCar rides by up to 15 percent in some areas. The charges for the ride hailing app have been reduced by 20 cents per kilometer traveled, from RM1. 30 to RM1. 10 per kilometer traveled.

Does Grab own cars?

In Singapore, GrabRentals is the largest private-hire automobile rental company, and it is also the company’s direct subsidiary. We provide one-stop automobile rental services at competitive rates to meet all of your driving requirements.

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What cars can be used for Grab?

The crew at has identified six of the best used automobiles for Grab drivers.

  • Six used autos for Grab drivers are recommended by the crew.

What do Grab food drivers earn?

On its website, GrabFood states that it charges a P49 delivery fee, from which it receives a 20 percent commission. However, regardless of the distance traveled or the time of day, the rider will receive an extra P15 for every kilometer traveled. “Peter,” who has been a GrabFood rider since 2018, stated that on a typical day, he would take home P800 after deducting expenses such as petrol and loans.

How many Grab drivers are there in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, it is claimed that a significant proportion of the estimated over 100,000 Grab drivers who worked there before to the outbreak have subsequently departed for other occupations, while others work solely during the day in order to spend more time with their family.

How many years car can use for Grab in Malaysia?

The fact that your automobile model is not featured in our Rejected Cars List indicates that it is currently accepted by Grab. *In accordance with Malaysia’s e-hailing laws, only cars that were constructed less than ten years ago will be permitted.

How many years car can use for Grab?

How have the changes/new requirements been implemented? Starting on October 30, 2020, only vehicles that are less than 10 years old will be permitted to participate in Grab services.

Can foreigners drive Grab in Malaysia?

The Malaysian government has now stepped in, and all Grab drivers are now classified as private rental cars under the law. Drivers are required to have a valid license and to be covered by liability insurance for passengers. The fact that taxi and private hire are reserved vocations for Malaysian nationals merely means that this loophole is no longer open to the public.

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