How To Call Malaysia From Us? (Solution)

To begin, call 011, which is the exit code for the United States. Then call the country code for Malaysia, which is 60. Once you have that, dial the 1- to 2-digit area code (see a sample calling code list below), followed by the 6- to 8-digit phone number (if applicable).
What is the best way to call Malaysia from the United States or Canada?

  • 011 – United States exit code
  • dial this number first when making international calls from the United States or Canada. Malaysia is represented by the country code 60. Cellular and VoIP phone numbers (remove the first 0): landlines are usually 8 to 9 digits long, with the area code included
  • mobile phones are usually 9 to 10 digits long, with the leading digit being 1
  • Example of a call from the United States to a landline in Kuala Lumpur: 011 60 3??

How do I make an international call to Malaysia?

Making an international call begins with the prefix 00, followed by the country code from where you are calling, the area or city code, and the telephone number.

How do I call a number in Malaysia?

If you’re trying to make a phone call to Malaysia, the international country code for the country is +60. If you were calling from the United States, you would dial:

  1. 011 is the exit code to use when calling from the United States to a foreign country.60 is the Malaysian country code.3 is the city code for Kuala Lumpur.2168-5000 is the phone number for the local US Embassy.
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How do I call a mobile in Malaysia?

To call Malaysia from Malaysia, dial: 00 – 60 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Mobile Number 00 – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Landline Number 00 – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Landline Number 00 – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Landline Number

  1. 00 – Malaysia’s exit code, which is required when making any international call from Malaysia. 60 – Malaysia’s ISD code, which is also known as the country code. Malaysia has 19 different area codes to choose from.

How do I call a mobile number in Malaysia from overseas?

So, if the number you want to contact in Malaysia is 03 12345678, you may either dial 00 60 3 12345678 (assuming that Australia’s international dial out code is 00) or +60 3 12345678 (assuming that Malaysia’s international dial out code is +60). Malaysia’s country code is 60, which is the same as Australia’s country code, which is 61.

How do I call a +65 number?

To make a phone call to Singapore from the United States, simply follow these simple dialing instructions:

  1. Before you start calling, enter 011, the United States’ exit code
  2. then dial 65, the country code for Singapore
  3. and lastly the phone number (8 digits).

Which country code is +60 13?

Malaysian telephone numbers are listed in Wikipedia.

Which country code is +60 12?

Malaysian telephone numbers may be found in Wikipedia’s list of telephone numbers.

Which country code is 62?

Indonesia is represented by the country code 62 on the Worldometer.

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How do I add Malaysia number to Whatsapp?

In the Worldometer, Indonesia has the country code 62, which stands for Indonesia.

How do you call IDD M1?

Simply enter the 002, 021, or 033 IDD prefix followed by the country code, area code, and international telephone number in the appropriate field. You may also take advantage of excellent rates and discounts while making international calls from your home. In order to activate M1 IDD service on your home fixed line, dial 1627 or create an account on Manage My Account right now!

Which country code is 61?

The international dialing code for Australia is 61. When calling from outside Australia, remove the leading ‘0’ from the STD area code or from the mobile telephone number before dialing the phone number. The 0011 access code is used for outbound IDD calls from within Australia.

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