How To Fill Up My Travel Pass Malaysia? (Solution)

  • THE APPLICATION PROCESS AND PRIOR TO DEPARTURE FROM THE UNITED STATES FOR MALAYSIA: The application must be submitted online at The following papers must be submitted by the applicant: -A photocopy of your passport (passport must be valid) Letter of invitation from the appropriate agency or company
  • Death certificate or letter from the doctor

How do I get a Malaysia travel Pass?


  1. DUE TO THE DIFFICULTY OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS. The EMPLOYER is responsible for submitting the application. Application must be submitted on the internet at Prior to embarking on the journey to Malaysia. In order to enter Malaysia, a foreign worker must have a COVID-19 PCR test performed three (3) days or 72 hours before departure.

How do I approve my travel pass?

The applicants will be notified via e-mail if their application has been approved or denied.

  1. When the applicant arrives at the designated point of entry, he or she must check-in using the MySejahtera smartphone application. During immigration clearance at the point of entry, the applicant must submit his or her passport and permission letter / MTP Approval.
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Is my travel pass Malaysia still required?

Malaysians do not need to submit an application for approval of their MyTravelPass in order to leave the country. They must be properly vaccinated against Covid-19 before returning to Malaysia, and they will be subject to quarantine regulations upon arrival.

Can foreigners enter Malaysia now 2021?

Conditions and Procedures Concerning Travel Upon arrival, all travelers are required to submit to a COVID-19 screening test. In order to be admitted to Malaysia, all travellers arriving from outside must present a negative RT-PCR test result obtained two (2) days prior to their departure date; otherwise, their admission would be prohibited.

How long does my travel pass take?

Applicants will be notified via email of the status of their application if their application is complete and includes all required supporting papers.

How do I apply to go back to Malaysia?

I’m going back to Malaysia.

  1. The employer is responsible for obtaining a MyTravelPass (MTP) for the employee in order for him or her to return to Malaysia. At the point of entry, travelers will be subjected to a medical examination. Travelers will be subjected to the quarantine period established by the competent agency, with all associated costs borne entirely by the applicant.

Can Malaysian exit Malaysia?

To allow the employee to return to Malaysia, the employer must submit an application for a MyTravelPass (MTP). At the point of entry, travelers will be subjected to a health test. Visitors shall be subject to the quarantine period established by the competent agency, with all associated costs being borne entirely by them.

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Can Malaysian enter Malaysia with expired passport?

A valid national passport or an internationally recognized travel document suitable for travel to Malaysia is required for any person entering the country. For the purpose of admission, the documents must be valid for at least six (6) months after the date of arrival.

Can Malaysian PR return to Malaysia?

In accordance with recent amendments to the Periodic Commuting Arrangement, Malaysians who are permanent residents (PR) in Singapore would be entitled to take short-term leave in Malaysia and then return to Singapore (PCA). PCA travelers who enter Malaysia will be required to serve a seven-day Home Surveillance Order and submit to a COVID-19 exam, among other requirements.

Is travel Pass still needed?

There is no longer a necessity for a transportation pass.) Individuals who are not deemed authorized people outside of residence (APOR) were required to get a trip pass or a travel authorisation from the police in order to cross provincial and regional boundaries in the previous administration.

Can Malaysian travel overseas now during RMCO?

Foreign travel for Malaysian citizens is still prohibited, with just a few exceptions, according to the government. The tourists must provide approval letters from Malaysian immigration officials as well as a firm or government agency in the country, secure visas if necessary, and submit a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of booking their flight and immediately upon arrival.

Can I travel to Malaysia now?

At this time, only citizens, permanent residents, and long-term pass holders of the nation into which they are traveling are permitted to travel by land VTL. In a statement issued on Tuesday (Dec 14), the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) stated that there will be no changes to the present testing methods in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Is Malaysia Open for foreigners now?

International travel continues to be prohibited. Visitors must first get formal written authorisation from the Malaysian government in order to be granted an entry permit into the country. Permission to travel can be sought using My Travel Pass, a website operated by Malaysian Immigration.

Is Malaysia Open for foreigners?

There is no longer any international travel allowed. Obtaining a formal written authorisation from the Malaysian government is required in order to get an admission permit. Malaysian Immigration’s My Travel Pass online serves as a gateway for obtaining such clearance.

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