How To Get Apple Student Discount Malaysia? (Solution found)

  • Bring a valid student identification card as well as your driver’s license with you when you visit an Apple shop. Students who wish to take advantage of the student discount at an Apple retail shop must provide proof of their student status. In order to ensure that you are qualified for the discount, an Apple staff may ask to see your identification and driver’s license.

Is Apple student discount available in Malaysia?

Among the individuals who are eligible to make purchases from the Apple Online Store for Education are the following (each a “Qualified Purchaser”): instructors, school employees, students, and parents. Purchases are only available to students who are currently enrolled or accepted into a tertiary education institution in Malaysia.

How do you get a student discount code for Apple?

Among the individuals who are eligible to make purchases from the Apple Online Store for Education are the following (each a “Qualified Purchaser”): instructors, school administrators, students, and parents. Students enrolled in or accepted into a tertiary education institution in Malaysia are able to make a purchase.

  1. To access the Apple Education Store, please visit this page. Select ‘Get Verified with UNiDAYS’ from the drop-down menu. Sign in to UNiDAYS using the processes outlined above, or create an account if you do not already have one. Make your way into the Education Store to see the student prices. Take advantage of the savings!
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Can you get student discount at the Apple Store?

Apple Student Discount is valid on all Macs, MacBooks, and iPads purchased during the current school year. The Apple Education Store offers discounted rates for students on all of its items. As long as you submit the proper documentation, you can also receive a discount at an Apple Store (more about that later).

Does Apple do 20% student discount?

AppleCare is available at a discounted rate for students. During Apple’s Back to School offer in 2021, students who purchase qualifying items will be eligible to get a 20 percent discount on AppleCare+. 6

How does Apple know if you are a student?

Originally Answered: Does Apple truly check to see if you are a student before allowing you to purchase a product from the Apple Education Store? It will do a check based on the domain of your email address. Anyone who has registered with edu will have the students’ discount applied to their account automatically.

Do you have to prove you’re a student for Apple discount?

Before you can take advantage of any discounts, you’ll need to provide evidence of registration. Unidays is capable of automatically verifying student enrolment at the majority of four-year institutions of higher learning.

How long does Apple student discount last?

Each campaign lasts around two months on average.

Can high school students get Apple discount?

You are absolutely accurate. Because I work in the field of education, I can tell you that Apple offers a discount to K-12 teachers and administrators, but not to high school students. Apple offers a discount just to college students, and you must be enrolled in college to qualify.

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Does Currys do student discount?

Currys does not provide a year-round student discount; however, it does occasionally give a student discount of up to 20 percent off, which usually begins around the start of new term periods — keep an eye out for these specials. Special events are also held in-store throughout the year, as well as discount codes and vouchers for use in the online store.

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