How To Register A Domain In Malaysia?

Malaysian companies and individuals are required to finish the registration of a. MY domain name in order for the registration to be completed successfully. During the registration process, the candidate will be required to provide proof of his or her Malaysian citizenship. You will be required to provide your name, ID number (either corporate or individual), and contact information.

  • A: For.MY domains, you must enter your Mykad username and password (Malaysia Identification Card). A.COM.MY domain registration requires you to supply your company registration number, which will be used to verify your ownership of the domain. When purchasing a.MY/.COM.MY domain name, please contact us via our LiveChat feature or [email protected] if you are not a Malaysian citizen or resident.

Where do I domain?

It involves visiting a domain name registrar such as A2, GoDaddy, or Namecheap and entering the domain name you wish to purchase along with a cost and completing the purchase. To be clear, you can’t just acquire any domain name; you have to choose one that hasn’t previously been registered by another individual or organization and that has a legitimate domain suffix.

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What is domain name Malaysia?

Malaysia’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is my is the country code top-level domain for Malaysia.

Can I register my domain myself?

Domain name registration, which is carried out by a domain name registrar, is carried out with an organization known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Example: If you pick the domain name “,” you will be required to visit a domain registrar and pay a registration fee that ranges between US$10 and $US35 for that domain name.

How do I find domain owner?

How to locate the owner of a domain name

  1. To begin, open your browser and navigate to the ICANN website. You may now search for a domain name by entering it into the search box. The search will begin as soon as you click on ‘Lookup.’ You will now be provided with information on the domain registration date, registry expiration date, owner’s name, and mailing address.

Who controls domain name?

In order to get started, open your browser and navigate to ICANN. You may now search for a domain name by typing it into the search box. The search will begin after you click on ‘Lookup.’ Details regarding the domain registration date, registry expiration date, owner’s name and postal address will now be sent to you.

How many DNS records are there?

DNS servers are responsible for storing records. Whenever a DNS query is submitted by a device, that query receives a response from the records in question, thanks to the assistance of DNS servers and resolvers. There are eight records that you will encounter again and over again: A, AAAA, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, SOA, and TXT are the ones you will see the most. We’ll concentrate our efforts here on those.

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What is MYNIC domain?

In Malaysia, MYNIC is the sole administrator of web addresses that conclude in the letters my Because it is the national level domain name, MYNIC enables Malaysian organizations and individuals to establish a distinctive online presence for their brands.

How do I find out how much a domain name is worth?

Start by entering the domain name you wish to check in the form on the site and clicking Appraise to see how it works for you. After that, you should be given with a report on the domain that you specified before. The estimated value of the domain, as well as other basic information about the domain, are displayed at the top of the page.

How are domain names registered?

Generic Top-Level Domain Names (gTLDs) can be registered with any of the more than two thousand ICANN-accredited registrars or their resellers that specialize in the registration of generic domain names. Registrars are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and certified by the domain name registries to sell domain names.

What is the example of domain?

For example, the domain name might be translated to the physical address 198.102. 434.8 in some cases. Domain names like and are examples of other types of domain names. Because domain names rather than numeric IP addresses are used to designate a place on the Internet, it is much easier to remember and enter web addresses.

What is MM domain?

Myanmar’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is mm. Myanmar is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). It was given to him in 1997.

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Can I register a domain without a registrar?

You will not be able to purchase a domain name directly from ICANN in the same manner that you would through a registrar. To put it another way, if you are a massive Internet corporation with so many domain names that the total cost of all fees, insurance, and technical infrastructure costs is less than the amount you would have to pay a registrar, the answer is yes.

How can I create my own domain for free?

Find out how to get a free domain name for your website here.

  1. Create an account with the website builder and enter your login details. To register with the system, you may use either your email address or a social networking account.
  2. Select a template for your project. Make changes to the theme. The Subscription Option should be selected, and the project should be published.

How do I claim my domain name for free?

What is the most efficient method of obtaining a free domain name? The most efficient method of registering a free business domain is to do it through a domain registrar that includes free domain registration as a part of their web hosting packages. For example, when you join up for Bluehost’s $2.95 a month hosting plan, you will receive a free domain name.

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