How To Register Bem Malaysia?

How can I become a registered graduate engineer in BEM?

  • Registration as a Graduate Engineer is also the first step in pursuing Professional Engineer designation, which is sometimes called as IR engineer in some circles. 1. Visit the BEM website to learn more about the information and requirements for registration as a Graduate Engineer. 2. Log in to myBEM registration to complete the process. 3. Create an account as a new candidate. 4.Complete the information requested in the web form.
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How do you become a BEM member?

Registration requirements include the following:

  1. Complete an authorized engineering degree that is recognized by BEM
  2. maintain current and valid professional registration with BEM
  3. and

Who can register with BEM?

Section 10(1) of the BEM Regulations outlines the qualifications for registration as a Graduate Engineer. A person who possesses any engineering qualifications that are recognized by the Board will be eligible to apply to be registered as a Graduate Engineer upon submission of an application.

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Is it compulsory to register with BEM?

To practice engineering in Malaysia, engineers are required to register with the Board of Engineers (BEM), in the same way that other regulated professions such as medical professionals are required to do so.

How do I become a BEM professional engineer?

If you pass the Professional Assessment Examination and meet the other qualifications for membership, you will be recognized as a Professional Engineer. Under the Washington Accord, engineering degree programs at UTAR are professionally approved by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). As a result, engineering degree programs at UTAR are worldwide recognized.

How do I register under IEM?


  1. Complete and submit the IEM (G) application form together with your degree certificates and transcripts. Certification from international universities provided in foreign languages must be accompanied by an official translation from the university registrar or the embassy representative.

What is the penalty to engineer not register with BEM under Section 24 1967?

Registration of Engineers Act 1967, Section 24(a), states that any person, sole proprietorship, partnership or body corporate who procures, or attempts to procure, registration or a certificate of registration under this Act by knowingly making or producing, and/or causing to be made or produced any false or fraudulent declaration shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.”

What is the difference between BEM and IEM?

Is there a difference between BEM and IEM? The BEM (Board of Engineers, Malaysia) is not the same as the IEM. While the Board of Engineers of Malaysia (BEM) controls the registration of engineers in Malaysia, the Institute of Engineers of Malaysia (IEM) is a professional organisation or Learned Society for engineers.

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How can I get IR title in Malaysia?

Engineers in Malaysia are given the title Ir., which is an abbreviation for ingenieur, which is derived from the Latin terms for “to concoct” and “cleverness,” respectively. If you want to be considered for that position in this complicated sector, you must complete your school, register as a new engineer, obtain three years of professional experience, and pass a test.

Can diploma holder apply for BEM?

Diploma Holders do not fulfill the requirements of the Bureau of Engineering and Management to be recognized as Graduate Engineers. They may, however, be eligible for registration under the category of Inspector of Work.

Are technologists engineers?

Undergraduate engineering schools frequently have a strong emphasis on theory, whereas technology degrees place a strong emphasis on application. Graduates of engineering degrees are referred to as engineers, whilst graduates of technology programs are referred to as technologists in most cases.. Graduates of engineering technology schools are frequently employed as engineers in the private sector.

What is the function of BEM?

The primary function of the BEM is to facilitate the registration of engineers, engineering technologists, inspectors of works, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations engaged in the provision of professional engineering services; and to regulate the professional conduct and practice of registered persons in order to safeguard the public interest in engineering.

How do I renew my BEM online?

To submit your contribution to BEM, click on the “Submit” box to confirm your submission. When you have finished submitting your CPD, click on the “Renew” option to continue. You will be taken to a form after clicking this link.

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Who is professional engineer BEM?

Notes on Explanation Notes on the Explanation. As defined by Section 10(2) of the Registration of Engineers Act 1967, a Professional Engineer is someone who has been registered as an engineer (Revised 2015). Using the acronym “Ir.” before his name, or the abbreviation “P.” before his last name

What is IR in Malaysia?

The letter “Ir” in IR Engineer is an acronym for the German word “Ingenieur.” In Malaysia, professional engineers use the term “professional engineer” before their names. The suffix “Ir” designates them as engineers who adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct. The registration process is overseen by the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM).

What is professional engineer with Practising certificate?

Individuals who are registered under subsection 10D of the Engineering Registration Act are referred to as Professional Engineers with Practising Certificate (PEPC) (Revised 2015). Using the acronym “Ir.” before his name, or the abbreviation “P.” before his last name

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