How To Renew Road Tax At Pos Malaysia? (Solution found)

  • Alternatively, you can visit any Pos Malaysia office that is convenient for you. 3. Obtain the number assigned to the queue. Relax in the waiting room as you await the call of your number. 5. When your number is called, proceed to the counter and get your road tax renewed.

Can I renew road tax at post office Malaysia?

Starting on Monday, Pos Malaysia will accept “walk-ins” for the renewal of road tax and driving licenses at any of its post offices across the country, according to the company. In a statement, Pos Malaysia stated that it will continue to adopt standard operating procedures (SOPs) as required by the health authorities at all post offices throughout Malaysia.

Can I renew my road tax at post office?

According to the statement, “Customers who have pre-booked Road Transport Department (JPJ) renewal service appointments have the option to continue with their appointments at their preferred date, time, and location or simply walk-in to any one of our post offices to complete the renewal of their driving license or road tax.”

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Can you renew road tax Pos Laju?

Since the 6th of September in 2021, Pos Malaysia will accept ‘walk-ins’ for the renewal of road tax and driving licenses. Customer service representatives are available at our post office counters, as well as online through our website and mobile application.

Can I renew driving license in Pos Malaysia?

Renewals must be done in person. Bring your MyKad as well as your most current driver’s license to any Pos Malaysia shop if you want to renew your license.

Can renew road tax at post office during MCO?

The Post Office of Malaysia stated in a statement today that people who have scheduled appointments with the Road Transport Department for renewal services can opt to continue with such appointments at their preferred date, time and place, or they can just stroll into any post office branch.

Where can I renew my road tax Malaysia?

Platforms for renewing motor vehicle registration and insurance online

  • The myEG website
  • the mySIKAP website
  • the Bjak website
  • the Fatberry website
  • the GoInsuran Website
  • the Autoroadtax Website.
  • the Qoala Website
  • and the Saat Website

What documents do I need to renew road tax?

What papers do I need to bring with me to renew my tax? A V11 (DVLA Reminder) or your Registration Certificate are also acceptable forms of proof (known as a V5C). If you have misplaced your V5C Registration Certificate, you may still tax your car by filling out a (V62) taxation application form.

How do I make an appointment at Pos Malaysia?

To arrange an appointment session, go to the Outlet Finder function on Pos Malaysia’s website ( or mobile app ( You’ll need to choose the state, then the post office branch, and then click on the link that has been supplied.

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Can I renew road tax without insurance Malaysia?

Without third-party auto insurance, you would be unable to renew your vehicle’s road tax with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Malaysia. Drivers who fail to show proof of a valid road tax might face fines of up to RM3,000, depending on the outcome of the case in court.

Can I renew drivers licence at post office?

Renew your mailing address at the Post Office. The MVL2 form that you received in the mail, a copy of your identification, and the applicable costs will be required in order to renew your driver’s license at the post office. To avoid paying the 80 cent photocopy fee required by the post office, it is recommended that you make a duplicate of your ID before you leave your home or business.

How do I renew my road tax JPJ?

A: Road tax can be renewed up to two months before its expiration date at any JPJ office, post office, or through the internet system. Q: Is it possible to renew my road tax online? A third party handles the renewal of your online road tax. You may complete your renewal from any location by logging on to the MyEG or Bjak websites and entering your information.

When can I renew my driving licence Malaysia?

LEGAL APPLICATION FOR RETENTION OF LICENSES Applicants must renew their driving license within a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years of obtaining their license. Applicants who do not renew their driver’s license within three years will be required to reschedule their exam in order to receive a driver’s license.

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Can Renew Malaysian driving license online?

Malaysians may renew their driving licenses (CDLs) quickly and easily online. Vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, and all other kinds of vehicles allowed by JPJ are eligible.

Can I renew my driving license before it expires?

If you choose, you can submit your application in advance of the expiration date. The new licence will be valid from the date of approval of your application, rather than from the date of expiry of your present licence, and will replace your current licence.

How can I check my road tax in Malaysia?

MyEG’s official website

  1. Select “Check Pay Road Tax” from the main page’s drop-down menu. The account login/registration page will then be shown.

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