How To Report Immigration Malaysia? (Solution found)

File a complaint with the Malaysia Department of Immigration in your area.

  1. The following numbers are in Kuala Lumpur: +603-62011954, +603-62011044
  2. +603-55117230 in Selangor
  3. +604-3906170 in the island of Pulau Pinang
  4. +606-7624275 in the state of Negeri Sembilan
  5. +604-9762636 in the state of Perlis
  6. +604-7333302 in the state of Kedah
  7. and +605-5017117 in the state of Perak.
  • An informational list of telephone numbers has been posted on the Immigration Department’s Facebook page, informing the general public of the channels available for submitting a complaint or reporting any unlawful foreign workers: Phone numbers in Kuala Lumpur include: +603-62011954, +603-62011044 and +603-62011044 in Selangor.

How do I complain about immigration to Malaysia?


  1. Enforcement Division
  2. Address: Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters, Level 4 (PODIUM)
  3. Phone number: 03-88801298
  4. Fax number: 03-88801310
  5. Division: Enforcement FUNCTIONS.

How do I make a complaint about immigration?

Notify the authorities of an immigration violation. To report a person who you believe is in the United States unlawfully, you can use the Homeland Security Investigations online tip form or contact 1-866-347-2423 (in the United States, Mexico, or Canada) or 1-802-872-6199 (outside of these countries) (from other countries).

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What does immigration enforcement do?

In addition to avoiding misuse, the force’s tasks include tracking down immigration violators and improving compliance with immigration law. Its Immigration Enforcement Officers are warranted Immigration Officers, who have a wide range of arrest and detention powers within their jurisdiction.

How can I check someone’s immigration status?

Abuse prevention, tracking of immigration criminals, and promoting compliance with immigration law are among the tasks of the force. Its Immigration Enforcement Officers are warranted Immigration Officers, who have a wide range of arrest and detention authority under the law.

How can I check if someone is blacklisted in Malaysia?

Malaysians can take the following basic steps to get started:

  1. Obtain your IC number by going to (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia)
  2. and entering it in the text area. Select “Semak” (Check) from the drop-down menu. Check your current status.

How can u get someone deported?

Deportation (sometimes known as “removal”) from the United States is possible in five broad types of criminal convictions, which are as follows:

  1. Aggravated felonies,
  2. Crimes involving moral turpitude (“CIMT”),
  3. Drug offenses,
  4. Firearms offenses, and.
  5. Crimes of domestic violence are all covered under this category.

How can I find out if someone has been deported?

The most straightforward method of determining whether someone has been deported is to use the services of an immigration attorney or private detective to conduct a search to establish whether an individual has been removed from the country. Professionals will have access to subscription-only databases that will allow them to search immigration court documents more rapidly than they currently do.

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How do I report a fake marriage to immigration?

When an immigrant marries a citizen of the United States in order to obtain admittance into the country, this is known as marriage fraud. This is against the law and may result in up to 5 years in prison for both parties, as well as a $250,000 fine if found to be responsible. To report marriage fraud to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, fill out their online tip form or phone them at 1-800-375-5283.

What are the 4 types of immigration?

When individuals inquire as to “what are the four forms of immigration,” the answer is: What they really want to know is “what are the four different immigration statuses.” as opposed to “what are the four different sorts of immigration?” Citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants are the four types of immigration statuses recognized by the United States.

What happen if overstay in Malaysia?

According to Malaysian law, the punishment for unauthorized entrance is a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or imprisonment for a time not exceeding 5 years, or both. An overstaying visitor may be subject to a fine of not more than RM10,000 or imprisonment for a period not more than 5 years, or both, as well as the payment of an administrative fee of RM3,000.00.

How can I remove my name from Malaysia immigration blacklist?

Originally Answered: What steps do I need to take in order to get my name removed off the Malaysian immigration blacklist? First and foremost, you must determine whether or not you are on any blacklists maintained by the immigration authorities. Then they will invite you to visit a linked government office to guarantee that you are able to resolve your issue.

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What are immigration offenders?

The vast majority of persons who are taken or deported from within the United Kingdom are not convicted criminals, but rather immigration offenders, such as those who have overstayed their visa or been proven to have entered the country unlawfully.

Can immigration come to your house?

Without a “warrant,” immigration agents will not be permitted to enter your house, according to the law. A warrant is a legal document that is issued by a court or a government organization. Even though the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can issue arrest warrants, only a judge can grant a search warrant. If a cop comes to your door and knocks, do not answer it.

What is an immigration Offence?

Immigration offenses are governed by criminal law and are prosecuted in criminal court. Unlike civil penalties, which are monetary fines imposed by the Home Office when enforcing rules or regulations, criminal penalties are imposed by the government for violating laws or regulations.

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