How To Sell In Carousell Malaysia? (Perfect answer)

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  1. Open the app and select ‘Sell’ (the ‘+’ icon) from the drop-down menu. When you arrive, you’ll be given the opportunity to either snap a photo on the spot or choose a photo from your collection. A total of ten photographs can be taken or chosen. Complete the form by filling in all of the relevant fields. Finally, click on “List it!” at the bottom of the form.

Can you tell me whether there is Carousell protection in Malaysia?

  • [Malaysia] Protection for Carousell transactions is now accessible in Malaysia. As a seller, enabling Carousell Protection for your listings will increase your exposure and help you sell your items more quickly. What is Carousell Protection and how does it work?

Is it easy to sell on Carousell?

Selling is a quick and simple process. We assure that we will not take an excessive amount of time to list your things. You can list an item on Carousell in under 30 seconds after taking a photo of the item. While browsing on Carousell, consumers’ eyes are drawn to your photographs, and the most visually arresting photographs receive the most attention.

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How much does it cost to sell on Carousell?

Sales are completed quickly and easily. Listed products will be available for purchase within a reasonable amount of time. Photographing and displaying an item on Carousell takes no more than 30 seconds! When consumers search on Carousell, the first thing they see is your photographs, and the most stunning pictures attract more buyers than others.

Does Carousell charge Commission Malaysia?

Sellers are not charged for Carousell Protection.

How do you get paid on Carousell?

Accepting the order and shipping the goods is as simple as that. Your funds will be sent into your Carousell wallet once the buyer has received the item, which is usually within 7 days of the item being delivered. You may withdraw money from your Carousell Wallet whenever you want!

Does Carousell charge commission?

When it comes to all transactions, Carousell does not impose any fees to either the sellers or the purchasers. The service is entirely free of charge.

What sells best on Carousell?

Fashion, cosmetic products, and electronics are the most lucrative things on Carousell, according to co-founder Marcus Tan.

Is Carousell profitable?

Exit plan is important. According to the Singapore-based publication The Business Times, Carousell’s sales more than doubled to $15.7 million in fiscal 2019, while the company’s net loss increased to $39.4 million, from $25 million the previous year.

Do I need to pay to post on Carousell?

Carousellers are allotted a certain number of listings in each of the three categories: cars, motorcycles, and real estate. When you’ve exhausted your quota, you’ll be required to pay a charge in order to post another listing on the marketplace.

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How many items can I sell on Carousell?

Carousell will continue to be available for free to all of our users, and you will be able to sell numerous goods at a time with up to 30 current listings. The remaining listings will be marked as inactive and preserved in your profile. Following the sale of a listing, you can add additional to the active list.

How do I register my Carousell seller?

Simply navigate to and click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right-hand corner of the website, then follow the simple on-screen instructions. Select your Carousell username and password, fill up your personal information, and then click on “Sign Up.” Check your email inbox for the password verification email, then click on the link to confirm your registration.

Can I use credit card on Carousell?

DBS PayLah!, Visa and Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards, and DBS PayLah! are all acceptable methods of payment for Carousell Protection purchases. When paying with a debit or credit card, third-party service fees may apply.

What is C protect Carousell?

Carousell Protection is intended to safeguard both customers and sellers when it comes to payments and transactions on the Carousell marketplace. Buyers who utilize Carousell Protection will have their funds kept in trust and only given to the seller after they have certified that they got the item in satisfactory condition.

How safe is Carousell pay?

This service is meant to safeguard both buyers and sellers when it comes to payments and transactions through Carousell. As a buyer who chooses Carousell Protection, your funds will be kept in trust and will only be given to the seller once you have confirmed that you have received the item in excellent condition.

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How do I get Caroupay?


  1. Select the ‘Edit listing details’ tab from the drop-down menu. Refer to the New Deal Option ‘CarouPay’ and then choose ‘Delivery choices for your purchasers’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose ‘Custom courier,’ enter the name of the company as ‘Self-Collect/Meetups,’ and set the value to $0.

How do I review a Carousell seller?

What is the best way to leave a review for a buyer or seller?

  1. In the event that you are a buyer, pick ‘Make Offer,’ and in the event that you are a seller, select ‘Accept Offer. Following that, you should see a button that says “Leave Review.”

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