How To U Mobile Malaysia Sim Card Ip Address? (Correct answer)

  • M2M Data Connect provides mobile data SIM cards that are assigned a public IP address by the carrier. This means that after you have inserted your SIM card into your 4G router and entered your SIM Card APN settings correctly, the router will automatically connect to the 4G network and begin working. This will provide you with a publicly accessible IP address that will never change.

What network does U Mobile use?

Product and service coverage, as well as products and services U Mobile has 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A networks in operation. At the time of writing, U Mobile claimed to have 95 percent population coverage, which it attributed to a mix of over 10,000 sites of 3G and 4G LTE owned and operated by the company, three-way RAN sharing, and two-way domestic roaming with Maxis.

How can I check my call history in mobile?


  1. Open the Phone application on your device. Select Recents. One or more of the following icons will appear next to each phone number on your list: • Incoming calls that were not answered (red) • Incoming phone calls that you answered (blue)
  2. To discover more about a call in your history, select Call details from the drop-down menu.
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What is better GSM or LTE?

GSM is a cellular technology that also provides data transmission, whereas LTE is a high-speed wireless broadband technology that exclusively supports data transmission. As a result, the majority of new cell phones include LTE for high-speed internet access and GSM for voice conversations, with the exception of a few.

How do I make my number private in Malaysia?

To ban a phone number on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Phone application and select the Menu option. Select Settings, then Call settings from the drop-down menu. Select Caller ID from the drop-down menu under Additional options. If you select “Hide number,” your phone number will be concealed.

Can I get call details of any number?

How can I obtain call records for any phone number in a legal manner? Because call details records are supplied to you by the telecom operator, you will not be able to obtain call details by using an unlawful way to obtain them. It is necessary for you to obtain the call history of your phone number using various methods such as SMS, official app, internet and phone calls to customer service.

Can I check my call history online?

Detailed records of every phone call and text you’ve made or received across all of your Google Fi devices are stored in your call and text history. Open the Google Fi website in a new tab. “Settings” may be found under the Account tab. Select History from the drop-down menu.

How do I change my mobile network and keep the same number?

What is the best way to transfer my mobile number?

  1. To obtain a mobile PAC code, contact your existing service provider via phone or text. If you call, you should receive a PAC code right away, and if you text, you should receive it within two hours. Make contact with your new network and provide them with the PAC code. Check to see that your SIM card is functional in your phone and that your new number has been moved over.
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How do I change my Maxis SIM card?

As soon as your phone number has been securely transferred, you will notice that your phone signal has been disrupted (previous SIM card). By simply placing your new Maxis SIM card into your current SIM card slot, you may replace your current SIM card with the new Maxis SIM card. Following that, you can resume utilizing our services as usual.

How do I find the owner of a Maxis number?

Update or double-check NRIC Maxis/Hotlink customers must be registered. Send the text CHECK to 21555 to verify that your NRIC is appropriately associated with your mobile number; for example, write CHECK 500909140009 and send to 21555 to verify your NRIC.

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