What Is Airline Code For Malaysia Air? (Correct answer)

Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia Airlines) is a low-cost carrier based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Legal Name Malaysian Airlines Berhad
Airline Code 232
IATA Designator MH
Region Asia Pacific


What does MH stand for Malaysia Airlines?

“MH is Malaysian Hospitality,” the airline’s slogan, is intended to draw attention to the hospitality of its cabin crew rather than the airline’s network or cabin classes.

What is a 3 digit airline code?

Three-digit airline ticketing codes are the numbers of the airline from which the ticket was issued and which has the ticket in its inventory. This is almost always the same airline as the one that will actually be doing the actual flight itself. As an illustration: Continental Airlines codes are as follows: CO is a two-letter code, COA is a three-letter code, and 005 is the IATA code.

Is Malaysia Airlines a GLC?

Khuzanah Nasional, which is held by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, owns a majority stake in Malaysia Airline Berhad (MAB), a GLC that is completely owned by Khazanah Nasional (MOF Inc.).

Which airline has code vs?

VS / VIR Flight Tracker for Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS / VIR)

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