Where To Buy Molten Basketball In Malaysia? (TOP 5 Tips)

Who is responsible for creating molten balls?

  • Molten, founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom by the Unicorn Group, has long been a leader in the world of sports equipment, notably in the production of sports balls (basketballs and footballs). The Molten Corporation is the world’s largest ball maker today.

What is the official Molten basketball?

For more than three decades, MOLTEN, one of the world’s top makers of competition-quality sports balls, has been a global sponsor of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). For the first time since 1982, Molten’s high-quality leather basketball has been designated as the official game ball for all FIBA World Championships and Olympic Games throughout the world.

Where are Molten basketballs made?

Molten USA was originally based in Southern California, but relocated to northern Nevada in 1988 and has remained in the Reno–Sparks area ever since.

Which is better Spalding or Molten?

Even though both basketballs wowed us with its overall quality and feel, we found that the Spalding Zi/O Excel outperformed the Molten FIBA GM7X in almost every respect. Both of these basketballs would be excellent as indoor/outdoor basketballs, but they would also be excellent as outdoor-only basketballs. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any of these basketballs.

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Are Molten basketballs good?

However, if you are looking for a high-quality, dependable ball, the Molten – Indoor/Outdoor is an excellent choice. On the negative side, the Molten was the most costly ball we examined, but for an official ball, it’s still a bargain: the comparable NCAA and NBA balls cost about twice as much as the Molten, making it the most affordable option.

Is molten made in Thailand?

Manufacturer’s original molten ball sports indoor outdoor ball created in Thailand, officially recognized by the Phi Basketball Association | Shopee Philippines.

Is molten gg7 good for outdoor?

This model is meant for indoor usage, and the first thing we noticed about it was that the X-Series prefers to avoid outside courts at all costs. Even after a couple of sessions of playing on tarmac or other uneven surfaces, the wear and tear is pretty noticeable. Therefore, it is preferable to keep this ball on the hardwood.

Is molten BG4500 indoor or outdoor?

The Molten BG4500 Premium Composite Leather FIBA Basketball is an officially sanctioned ball by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is the ideal indoor/outdoor rubber basketball for both indoor and outdoor use. A unique rubber composition is used to create a sticky feel and long-lasting durability. The new FIBA Approved BG4500 provides double the surface area in touch with your hand compared to the previous model.

What is the latest Molten basketball?

China/Japan – SHENZHEN (China) and TOKYO (Japan) – The Molten BG5000, a next generation basketball that will make its debut on the world’s largest stage at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China, was unveiled exclusively by FIBA and Molten on Friday. Molten’s BG5000 basketball heralds the beginning of a new era in the company’s basketball line.

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Are Molten volleyballs good?

All things considered, the Molten VB-U12 Light is the finest volleyball to purchase for players aged 12 and younger. There are a number of alternative “light” volleyball balls available, but this is by far the best and most often used.

Is Molten BG2000 good for outdoor?

Molten’s BG2000 Basketball provides improved grip over traditional rubber basketballs, making it the preferred choice for basketball players. When you hold this Molten junior and senior basketball in your hand, it feels like the basketball is adhering to your hand. Both inside and outdoor use are accommodated by the rubber basketballs in this set.

What is the size of GG7X?

Bench-Crew has a Molten GG7X Basketball (Size 7) in stock.

What ball does the NBA use?

OFFICIAL COMMENTARY FROM THE NBA: Wilson is the official basketball of the National Basketball Association. This ball contains official NBA branding, as well as the Wilson lettering that has become synonymous with the league.

What is the difference between GG7X and GL7X?

While GL7X is purported to be fiba leather, it does not have the same feel as fiba leather in my opinion. I’ve had two GL7Xs, and no matter how much time I spend playing them, they never break in. My three GG7X have served me well over the years. Not only do they last a very long time, but they also feel excellent both indoors and out.

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